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Name: Luci   


Date of birth: April 03, 2006

Dog license rating V
(similar to CGC)


Obedience and Agility

top fit



Luci and her mum, Sandy, lives in Chemnitz, Sachen - Germany.



What kind of characteristics makes Luci fantastic?

She is a lovely dog and full of energy. She enjoys all kind of dog sports and works always with full power.

What kind of hobbies has Luci?

She loves to play with other dogs, she loves to run beside a bicycle and inline-skaters. Sleeping and cuddle with mum are also very famous and working at the training field.

Which is her favorite toy?

Luci loves the tug and balls are very important too.


Which is the favorite meal?

She eats almost everything but she LOVES dried fish and cottage cheese.


Which is the favorite place to make a powernap?

Her favorite place is to close to mum. Is that not do-able she takes a nap with her doggie friend, Eddie, in his bed.


Which nicknames has Luci?

Schnecke, Mausi and sometimes Kröte.


Who lives with Luci together?

Mum, dad and daugther, Alina, AND the Am. Cocker Spaniel, Eddie, Zwerpinscher-Dackel-Mix, Maja, two Degus, two Leopardgeckos and one Zwerggürtelschweif.


Dear Sandy,

thanks alot for all the information and pictures of Luci!

I'm glad to have her on board!!!

All the best,





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PS.: I am still working to get the portraits 2008 online again.

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