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History of the Doberman

Friedrich Louis Dobermann
* 02. Januar 1834 09. Juni 1894

The history of the doberman begins in the little town Apolda Thuringia/Germany.

The name of the race doberman goes back to the man about who the histories are not in common.
In one way it is told that he was a dogcatcher or knacker, policeman, messenger and taxman. As he lost one time in one of his jobs he got the idea to breed dogs.

At the other way you heard about stories, which tell, that he had cought dogs in the name of the town Apolda. These dogs would killed after three days unsuccessful searching for the owners. By that should two of his friends supported him, who was united that strong and with the needed instinct tendency, appropriated dogs not to kill. These dogs should be breeded, sold and the win shared.

The history is united about, that today it is not understandable which dogs at that time coupled with each other.

It would proceeded that following races in the breed of Friedrich Louis Dobermann came into being a reliancy dog of protection, today our doberman, influenced:

· Old type of German shepherd
(hardness, learning-skills, health)
· German Pinscher
· Weimaraner
(hunter-skills, note-tendency, colours)
· Rottweiler, at that time called meat-dog
(power, protection instinct)
· Greyhound
· Manchester Terrier
(short smooth coat, allocated colours)

It is certain that the dogs of Dobermann became famous fast. They contrasted with the breeds so far extremely. They searched theirselfs as unconditional, self-confident fighters, sharped keepers, unimpressed by gunshots and stick blows. And in some of them slumber still now the fearless warrior of those days.

The in history as gendarme dog called doberman was defined to an acknowledged used dograce in 1922.

The standards of race (FCI-Standard No. 132/14.02.1994/D) describes the actual doberman as follows:

Origin: Germany

Classification: F.C.I. group 2:
- Pinscher and Schnauzer
- Molosser and Suisse Sennendog
- Section 1: Pinscher and Schnauzer with work test

Withers-high: male dog 68-72 cm
female dog 63-68 cm
Middle high is wished respectively

Weight: male dog 40-45 kg
female dog 32-35 kg

General appearance:

The doberman is a middle high, powerful and muscular dog. Because of the classy line control of his body, the proud posture, the spirited character and the determination the doberman corresponds to the ideal appearance of a dog.


The normal mood of the doberman is friendly, peaceful, within a family clingy and fond of children.
A middle temperamental and a middle savage and furthermore a middle stimulus threshold is demanded.

On a good leadership and joy of work is paid attention to ability of power, courage and hardness of the doberman.

At adapted attention opposited the environment it is stored by self-confidence and dauntlessness.

Only two colours are allowed to breed - black/rust and red/rust. Blue- and fawn-coloured dobermans are as failed colours excluded to breed.

Because of the crop-prohibition (ears 01.01.1987, tail 01.06.1998) it is not allowed to exhibit contrary animal protection cropped dogs in Germany since 01.05.2002.

The good Friedrich Louis Dobermann - we are enjoying the fascination of the doberman every day - unfortunately he could not witness the popularity of his dogs.
At the age of 60 years he died on 9. June 1894.


The Doberman in the change of the time


Photo of Mr. Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann
(the man on the left side)


Otto Gőller with Doberman Pinscher(1898)


Graf Belling v. Grőnland (von Thüringen)
* 13.6.1898


Graf Belling v. Grőnland (von Thüringen)  + Gerhilde von Thüringen
* 13.6.1898


Hellegraf v. Thüringen
* 12.6.1904


Wally v.d. Giessen
* 12.12.1908


Lotte I v. Simmenau
* 22.8.1918


Lux v.d. Blankengburg
* 25.8.1918


Ajax von Oderwald
* 15.9.1922


Muck von Brunia
* 9.7.1929


Ferry v. Rauhfelsen
* 9.1.1937


Ajax v.d. Wertachbrücke
* 2.5.1944


Alex v. Kleinwaldheim


Graaf Iskander van Neerlands Stam
* 25.3.1952


Lump v. Hagenstolz


Citta v. Fürstenfeld

Odin v.Forell


Rondo von Forell
* 26.1.1965


Chico v. Forell


Bryan von Forell


Guys Hilo v. Norden Stam


Don Dayon v. Frankenhorst


Baron Cecar van Rensloo
* 29.2.1976


Ali v. Langenhorst


Graaf Aristo v. Neerlands Stam


Hertog Alpha v.le Dobry


Vivre Vivien vom Franckenhorst
* 2.3.1980


Esmir van Hermanijomaik
* 7.6.1982


Wasko v. Binselberg


Baron Bryan vom Harro's Berg
* 27.5.1985


Hargos van het Wantji


Graf Quirinius v. Neerlands Stam


Prinz v. Norden Stam


Hertog Conan v. d. Manensheide


Gamon de Campovalano


Randy v.'t Sabbatsveld



Alfa Adalante del Citone


Graaf Quinton v. Neerlands Stam
* 28.2.1994


Baron Nike Renewal


Jivago van het Wantji


Wanja Wandor van Stevinhage


Vysan van Hof ter Eeckhout


Tamerlan I Slavnoi Stai


Dee Jay Steinhage Grad


Carlos z Padoku


Pimm´s Number one iz Doma Domeni


Ferrofarah di Campovalano


Tahi-Reme Diabolo



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