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Aramis vom Grönland


Aramis the RUNNING DOG!

We got Aramis at the age of 1.5 years five years ago. He is from a Rescue in Tuttingen - Germany. Aramis was very bad to handle and mental totally out of shape. Alot of care, patience, peace and love in combination with movement and activity helped. It was a long way that we had to go but we did it. Today is Aramis a well-balanced and self-confident dog! Aramis is a wunderful Doberman!!

We train with Aramis the "normal" training for Schutzhund on the field and additional RUNNING DOG SPORT. This means handler and dog are connected with a elastic leash and working always together. We started with this sport as a "Therapy" - a fully stretched dog is calm and easier to handle. Now, is the RUNNING DOG SPORT my passion and Aramis too. It is our daily routine. We change between CaniCross and DOGscootering.

Since we are in France - Aramis dream became true.... He lives together with Cora! What a luck for all of us!


See by yourself: He is laughing ;-).

Bettina Metzler and Aramis vom Grönland



Date of birth: April 14, 2002

Parents: Elroy vom Heiligenwald x Isis von der Krillenburg

Work: IPO 3, Running Dog Sport

Health: Aramis was always top fit - just a crushed toe.
Till October 19, 2007... That is the date as his stomach flipped - terrible. We are very thankful that he recovered very fast on the strength of his great condition.


I am glad to introduce our second DoberMAN this year. Aramis the RUNNING DOBe!!!
This boy lives with Bettina and Cora in France and he is a very active boy!



What kind of characteristics makes Aramis fantastic?

He is a "Powerdog" and he is incorruptible. His faithfulness is fantastic. Who earned his heart, get it for ever.


What kind of hobbies has Aramis?

Movement: CaniCross, DOGscootering, Frisbee.
Since he met the Doberman girl Cora, he loves to make her the court .


What is his favorite toy?

At first: KONG. Second place is a knot and then a squeeze ball.


Which is the favorite meal?

Pig ears.


Which is the favorite place to make a powernap?

Aramis loves to lie in the sun.


Which nicknames has Aramis?

Aramisel, Schnückel, mein edler Ritter.




Dear Bettina,
thanks alot for all the informations and photos of Aramis. I can still remember the day you posted the flipping stomach.... That was terrible! Now, I am very proud and happy to present Aramis at my website! What should I say.....!?! RUN, ARAMIS, RUN!!!!

Best of happieness, love, luck and much more for both of you,



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PS.: I am still working to get the portraits 2008 online again.

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