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Don von Tobago



Date of birth: November 17, 1996
†: September 26, 2006

Parents: Quentèe van het Weillerland x Britt von Tobago

Work: SchH (VPG) 3, IPO 3, AD, ZTP SG1A, Formwert: V

Success: 35-mal SchH 3, 5-mal Landesmeisterschaft, 3-mal Deutsche Meisterschaft,
1-mal VDH DM, 3-mal Kreismeisterschaft, div. Pokalkämpfe,
Vizemeister beim Belgischen Championat

Health: In the first year Parvo (the Vet told us "growing trouble" - ;-) Don was 75 cm high). Tumor on the lower jaw, stone in the bowel. Spondylose with 9 years. 10 months later his wish becomes true - he went to the Rainbow brigde.


Sabine has a "Mod-job" in the German Dobermannforum like me.
Don was her soulmate and she would never forget him. Don went over the rainbow brigde with 9 years.
Sleep softly Don!

Was man tief in seinem Herzen besitzt,
kann man nicht durch den Tod verlieren.
Joh. Wolfgang von Goethe


Don was a gift from a old friend of mine, Oliver Skibbe. This "gift" was the best what happens to me. Don was my best friend - my hero!


What kind of characteristics made Don fantastic?

Don had all characteristics for a perfect dog.


What kind of hobbies had Done?

Helper, no shows - that was a NOGO, foreign cats.


What was his favorite toy?

All the things who not allowed.


Which was the favorite meal?

Mc Donald's and sometimes dry food.


Which was the favorite place to make a powernap?

Of course in the bed! He was a smart Dobermann.


Which nicknames had Don?

Schneckchen (because he had always a hunchback at shows and of pics), Paul.


I already found my soulmate - my Don. I am a very lucky person - I must no longer search for MY DOG. I already had them!




Dear Sabine,
I would like to close this Portrait with your words! I can nothing say better.
Don is forever in your heard! Thank you so much for this awesome portrait!



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PS.: I am still working to get the portraits 2008 online again.

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