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Heur Harriet z Helfstyna



Date of birth: April 23, 1999

Parents: Thorvald van Stevinhage x Nathalia Ness z Helfstyna

Work: BH

Health: Light Spondylose, with 9 years her stomach flipped


The red girl, Naomi, lives with her bunch in Rott am Inn in Bayern, Germany.
She celebrated his 10th birthday this year and is full of live and fun.


Homepage: Dobermann Spiele


What kind of characteristics makes Heur fantastic?

Her friendly character. She got no attention in her first seven years of living.
Today she is social with other dogs and humans and a self-confident female.
And her will to stay with me. It was my goal to find a new home for her, as she cames to the rescue. I found twice a new home for her and every time she cames back to the rescue, because she destroyed her new home. Now she lives about two years with me and has never destroyed anything.


What kind of hobbies has Heur?

She loves to play flyball and all the younger ones have no chance against her.


What is her favorite toy?

A little red ball with a white string.


Which is the favorite meal?

Deer rips.


Which is the favorite place to make a powernap?

On the couch. One half on mom and the other half on a pillow.


Which nicknames has Heur?

Her daily name is Naomi, sometimes NomNom, Mäuschen or Zicke.



Dear Raphaela,
I am very glad to have your girl at my website! Thank you so much!
All the best to you and Naomi.



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PS.: I am still working to get the portraits 2008 online again.

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