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Name: Vazaha
What a crazy name.....
Vazaha means in Madagaskar "Foreign". We traveled in the year 1991 to Madagaskar and all the time when we came to a village the kids were jumping around us and called: "Vazaha, Vazaha!" Wäsli was our first dog and everything was new. So.....

Date of birth: February 25, 1993

Parents: Murphy - A rescue mixbreed. He died in the age of 14 years and was a little TV-star in a Vet-serie.
Father: Larry was a Tibetterrier.
Vazaha had 6 brothers and sisters. I believe, that one brother is still alive.

She was till January 21, 2009 always healthy. Now she has a cleft in her crucial ligament. Hopefully she will recover very soon and can do the walks with the Dobermans again. She loves this!

For us a champion without any title.

Website: http://www.dobermannzwinger.ch


Our Portrait is already around 1.5 years online and this is my first introduce of another breed. Thank you so much, Helga. Vazaha will celebrate in few days her 16 birthday!!! Okay, and now comes the Dobermans back in this story *lol*.... She lives with two Dobermans, Leonie and Amiata, in Neuhausen - Switzerland.


What kind of characteristics makes Vazaha fantastic?

Big dog in a small body. Always and everywhere beside us. She knows almost every place of Europe. She is very devoted and obedient but not so smooch like the Dobermans. Vazaha has no fear, except from the Vet. Since she is deaf she has also no fear for a thunderstorm .


What kind of hobbies has Vazaha?

Playing with the ball and unfortunately aport stones. Searching for mice, catch them and eat them immediately. Vazaha loves water and swiming. Now, in her age she is getting calm and let the mice run away but playing with a ball is still her great hobby (right now - no ball for Vazaha).


What is her favorite toy?



Which is the favorite meal?

She likes cheese and sausage. But usually she likes also her dog food. Vazaha is a community eater..."Before the Dobermans get this - I eat it by myself!"


Which is the favorite place to make a powernap?

Where I am.


Which nicknames has Vazaha?

Wäsli, Schnäggli, Schnecke, Müsli and since few years also Grosi and Oemchen.




Dear Helga,
thank you so much for the informations and beautiful pictures of your Vazaha! We are crossing all our thumbs and paws that Vazaha can walk with Leonie and Amiata again pretty soon. Best wishes and still many many years in her family.



Portrait January 2009 - Grace, Denmark


PS.: I am still working to get the past portraits again online.

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