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Briska's Zabar  


Date of birth: August 03, 2005

Parents: Asco von der Burgstätte x Briska's Winnie

Work: BH, VPG 2

Health: HD-A, vWD carrier, Thyroid normal, PHTVL/PHPV free

Zabar and his family are located in the Netherlands.

Homepage: http://yordi.mijndobermann.com


What kind of characteristics makes Zabar fantastic?

He is a very social dog and wants to listen very well. Zabar has tons of energy, sometimes too much *lol*. I am very thankful to Ron and Cicci Eng from the Briska Kennel in Sweden, who gave me such a wonderful dog.

What kind of hobbies has Zabar?

Zabar likes everything, if it is tracking, obedience or protection work! Sometimes we have at our dogclub an Agility trail and he also likes that so much. He loves to get his ball and will never get tired. And he goes crazy if he has the opportunity to swim. It is so hard to take pictures of him while he is swimming. He is too fast! Zabar does everything extreme and is a great dog to work with.
We want trial him for his IPO 3 on November 29, 2009.
But he also loves to walk in the woods or at the beach! Life is never boring with him!

Which is his favorite toy?

His Ball.

Which is the favorite meal?

Pro Plan Salmon and fresh meat mixed with tripe.


Which is the favorite place to make a powernap?

Upstairs, in his basket where he sleeps at night.


Which nicknames has Zabar?

Zaab or Saab like the swedish mercedes *haha*.


Dear Elly,

thanks alot for the pictures and infos of Zabar. I wish you the best of success for your IPO 3 trial by the end of November and I am pretty sure, that your guys will make it with a great score! Best of luck to you and your beautiful dogs!




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PS.: I am still working to get the portraits 2008 online again.

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