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Ramonburg's Eniro (Nero)


BH, working for IPO 1 and ZTP at this moment.

Born: 24. September 2005

Parents: Ramonburg's Berenike  x  Urbano del Diamante Nero




I am a really great fan of the Ramonburg's Dogs and very glad to present Eniro - a beautiful boy! His mum, Claudia, I met her at Dobermantalk, gave me some private informations about him and also the nice looking pictures. Thank you Claudia!


What kind of characteristics makes Nero fantastic?

Nero has a great working drive. He likes the ladys very much. Nero is a very stable dobermann. Sometimes I think he is a grown stud now, but often he surprise me with little puppy things.....so cute. He loves to work and doing things for you and he loves the attention that you give him.

What kind of hobbies has Nero?

Manwork, tracking, playing with the ball and pleasing Rana.

Which is the favorite toy?


Which is the favorite meal?

Raw meat.

What is Nero's favorite place to make a powernap?

On the bed and the couch.

Which nicknames has Nero?

Dikbil, Hunk, Neer.



Dear Claudia,
thank you for the handsome private informations about Nero! I wish both of you all the best for the upcoming ZTP and IPO 1! Congrats to the CACIB that you got last saturday - really good job! Have a happy christmas time and I send a big Doberkiss to Netherland for Nero.


Portrait November 2007 - Dusty von der Mooreiche, Germany - Nordrhein Westfalen

Portrait Oct.2007 - Whisper von der Horringhauser Höh, Germany - Rheinland-Pfalz

Portrait September 2007 - OohRah, USA - Central New Jersey

Portrait August 2007 - Ch. Come as you are Godric, Germany - Pfeffenhausen

Portrait July 2007 - Mt. Windsor's Dixieland Jazz, USA - Taylor, Texas

That my dog be the lovest to me, say you, oh man be an evil,
my dog is loyal in the storm, the man never once in the wind.
(Franz von Assisi)