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Danja von Patravadi   



Date of birth: August 17, 2000

Parents: Jivago v.h. Wantij x Bivona von Patravadi

VPG 3, FH 2, AD, Obedience 3
SWHV Verbandsmeisterschaft Obedience 2007, 2008, 2009
17 x Obedience 3, 2 x V, 8 x SG, 7 x G
VDH DM Obedience 2010 Qualification
(no entry because of sickness)

2003 - HD and DCM free
2005 - Cruciate surgery right (TPLO)
2006 - Cruciate surgery left (TPLO)
2007 - Plates of TPLO re-moved
2008 - DCM free
2009 - Tumor, good-natured



Danja lives in Freiburg - Germany.



What kind of characteristics makes Danja fantastic?

Her absolutly clear mind, what makes daily living with her very easy.
She is touching my heart every day.

What kind of hobbies has Danja?

She loves the training field and starts crying when we drive up there.
Chasing cats.


Which is her favorite toy?

Ball and pinecone.

Which is the favorite meal?

Chicken heads and meat.


Which is the favorite place to make a powernap?

On the couch, since 2008 she has permission from the boss. Of course in the bed beside Mum. In the sunshine.


Which nicknames has Danja?

Prinzessli, Mausbär.

Dog sport (was never planned...., came just so):

Danja was 2.5 years old as we started with bite work and tracking. In the age of 5 years she earned her VPG 3 and FH 1. After her second cruciate surgery in 2006 I decided to quit VPG-Sport with her because of the jump and the A-Frame. So, we switched from VPG to Obedience. I showed her in 30 Obedience trials and only two times we didn't passed.

I would like to thank Rosi and Hubert. Since 2002 both were teaching me that dog sport can be very special. They have a great knowledge and were able with a bunch of energy to teach me all the stuff. They laid the foundation for our success! THANKS!!!

Generally for the dog sport, I would like to see greater tolerance and respect for each other dog handler.

I would like to use the often read words - if I may:

"I don't need to search for my soul dog anymore - I already found them!"



Dear Silke,

your words are speaking so much love for your beloved Danja! I am not able to say anything.

Thanks alot for this awesome Portrait!
All the best to both of you.




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PS.: I am still working to get the portraits 2008 online again.

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